RED Unleashes “May Tricks” – A Stellar Collaboration with Amélie

London, Ontario is a city that continues to be a hotbed for emerging musical talent, and its rap scene is no exception. Among the rising stars is RED, an artist who has recently dropped a captivating new single and music video titled “May Tricks,” featuring the talented Amélie. Directed by the creative Viplav Chambok, the music video provides a visual feast for fans, showcasing RED and Amélie in a metallic room while delivering a unique blend of music that sets them apart

Directed by Viplav Chambok, the music video for “May Tricks” stands out with its visually stunning presentation. The metallic room setting creates a futuristic and edgy atmosphere, perfectly complementing the vibe of the song. Chambok’s direction skillfully captures the essence of RED’s one-of-a-kind lifestyle, bringing it to life through dynamic visuals that enhance the overall listening experience.

At the core of “May Tricks” is the dynamic collaboration between RED and Amélie. RED, known for his distinctive flow and lyrical prowess, takes center stage as he raps about his unique lifestyle. His verses paint a vivid picture of his experiences and showcase his mastery of storytelling through his music.

Amélie, the talented female artist featured on the track, adds a whole new dimension to the composition. Her distinct vocals mesh seamlessly with the overall production, creating a harmonious balance that elevates the song to new heights. Amélie’s contribution enhances the emotional depth of “May Tricks,” making it a well-rounded musical experience for listeners.

“May Tricks” is not just a rap song; it’s a fusion of different styles and influences. RED’s genre-defying approach to music allows for a diverse sonic landscape, incorporating elements of rap, melody, and rhythm. Amélie’s vocal performance adds a layer of versatility, making the track accessible to a wide audience with varied musical preferences.

Viplav Chambok’s direction plays a crucial role in bringing the vision of “May Tricks” to life. His ability to translate the energy and essence of the song into a visual spectacle contributes significantly to the overall impact of the music video. The collaboration between RED and Amélie, coupled with Chambok’s creative direction, demonstrates the power of collective artistic vision.

RED’s latest release, “May Tricks,” featuring Amélie, is a testament to the vibrant and evolving music scene in London, Ontario. The song’s dynamic blend of rap, vocals, and visual storytelling showcases the artistic prowess of RED, Amélie, and director Viplav Chambok. As the music video gains traction and the single finds its way into the ears of music enthusiasts, it is clear that this collaboration has the potential to leave a lasting impact on the Canadian music landscape.

Watch “May Tricks” Here:


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