Recording Artist & Producer Jeyon Delivers New EP For The Summer, “Heavy Hearted”

With the album officially out “Heavy Hearted” is a heavy hitter. Jeyon comes from a not so well known place to some. Bakersfield, California hasn’t really been a head turner when it comes to music but Jeyon is about to switch it up. The EP is a quick one but memorable, clocking in at only ten minutes in four tracks. But each one hits the soul with what feels like cannons of emotions.

“Cherry Joints” the opener is a beautiful slow ballad to the tune of a hefty guitar solo. With a melodic synergy from 3lu the two crafted a worthy track that can be jotted as a classic in this new wave of R&B. The gear shift to “Desires” featuring Santa Cruz is insane, the tempo switch is effortless and really hits every note your heart is feeling. When you cruise through “Overtime” the project slows down to a bittersweet note featuring Indigo’s beautiful vocals.

Things pick back up again and truly come full circle when you reach the final track of “Love Sick”. Braun’s feature is perfectly done with the paper thin vocals almost as if they’re fading through memories. The guitar solo that fills in followed by the piano melody really ties the whole project together and embodies sensations you wouldn’t normally find words to.

In ten minutes Jeyon manages to show you what he can do and how he can compete in this music space giving the likes of Daniel Caesar and maybe even Brent Faiyaz a run for their money. This project is worth the listen and we hope to see more from Jeyon in the future.

Check out the “Heavy Hearted EP” available now on streaming services everywhere.


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