Pyrex Pryce Rising To The Top With New Hit Single “Not a Love Song”

Pyrex Pryce is an upcoming artist who’s been putting in the work for years. I believe the first time I heard of him was when he dropped his track “Messi” back in 2019. Since then, the South Carolina musician has been improving his sound and perfecting his craft. He continued throughout 2020 dropping quality content like “Remember Their Names” and “USED 2 ME”. Pyrex Price started off 2021 strong with his singles “No Chaser” and “Use To This”. The artist is only getting better. It’s clear he’s on his way to becoming a superstar!

He recently followed up with his latest hit track “Not A Love Song”. This is honestly probably my favorite work by Pyrex Pryce yet! The young, talented musician really demonstrates his vocal range and versatile flow switches. The track is fun but also effectively portrays his emotions to fans. If you haven’t already, go make sure to check out the upcoming Columbia artist.

Go listen to “Not A Love Song” by Pyrex Pryce below on Spotify!

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