ProducedByRickyy Unveils “Versatile Vol 1 Deluxe” – A Collaboration of Some of Carolina’s Finest

Carolina’s own ProducedByRickyy is making waves in the music industry with his latest project, “Versatile Vol 1 Deluxe,” which dropped on March 31st, 2023. Executively produced by Rickyy himself, this tape is a testament to his versatility and talent. Under the RR Records label, ProducedByRickyy brings together a powerhouse lineup of artists for this project, including BrandonThaKidd, Glxbal, Slim Dev, and Trapp Ru.

“Versatile Vol 1 Deluxe” boasts a distinct sound and style, characterized by heavy guitar and mallet influences, combined with bouncy drums and booming 808s. The production quality shines through with wavy and bouncy melodies that seamlessly blend with the infectious 808 drum patterns. Rickyy’s unique production techniques result in tracks that are both sonically captivating and rhythmically enticing.

In terms of marketing and promotion, ProducedByRickyy has strategically collaborated with notable artists, amplifying the reach of the project. In addition, Rickyy enlisted the support of Isaiah from “Hood Saviors” for promotion and press, further propelling the project’s visibility. Notable collaborations with artists like Lil Motor, J. Billz, Brandon ThaKidd, Slim Dev, and 18Ctwej have garnered attention and anticipation for “Versatile Vol 1 Deluxe.”

The reception of the album has been eagerly anticipated, with fans expecting nothing short of heat. ProducedByRickyy’s ability to bring together a diverse array of artists from all over Carolina has resulted in a complete and versatile project that is unmatched in its style and execution. All in all, ProducedByRickyy’s “Versatile Vol 1 Deluxe” showcases his exceptional talent as both a producer and curator. This collaborative effort exemplifies the creativity and artistry present in Carolina’s music scene. As a reader, I encourage you to delve into ProducedByRickyy’s world by exploring his collaborations and witnessing the dedication and quality he pours into his craft. With his career heading in the right direction, ProducedByRickyy is undoubtedly a creator to watch.

Keep an eye out for his future releases as he continues to make his mark in the industry. Don’t miss out on the musical journey ProducedByRickyy has embarked upon. Tap in and stream the project today!

To stay connected with ProducedByRickyy, make sure to follow him on Instagram at Instagram and listen to “Versatile Vol 1 Deluxe” on Apple Music.


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