produced by mckean - quailz p + lul maxx

Quailz P & Lul Maxx Connect for Project “Produced By McKean”

Quailz P and Lul Maxx, hailing from Jasper County, South Carolina, have joined forces in their latest collaborative album, “Produced By McKean.” This exciting project, released on April 28th, 2023, under Elite Music Group LLC, showcases the combined talents of these two rising rap artists. Recorded at Quailz P’s “Four Hundred Studios” in Savannah, GA, with head engineer Abandz, “Produced By McKean” is a testament to their dedication and musical chemistry.

Quailz P and Lul Maxx

The album’s collaboration adds depth and variety to the tracks, while the overarching themes of grinding and working towards their goals shine through. Introduced to each other by Heemy Guapo, Quailz P and Lul Maxx connected with McKean through their mutual interest in JetLife’s artist Fendi P and the release “P’s UP.” The collaborative effort began last year, and with Abandz on board, the team has delivered a solid seven-track project. The first visual release, “Too Cool,” directed by Boom from FreshStartRadio, sets the tone for what listeners can expect from “Produced By McKean.”

The production and instrumentation on the album showcase top-notch quality. With aggressive 808s and impeccable mixing, each track stands out. Unique production techniques and McKean’s executive production lend a personalized touch, elevating the listening experience.

In terms of marketing and promotion, Quailz P, Lul Maxx, and McKean have made significant efforts to spread the word about “Produced By McKean.” Notable interviews, appearances, and performances have helped generate buzz and excitement around the project. As the album continues to reach listeners’ ears, its reception is eagerly anticipated.

In conclusion, “Produced By McKean” is a solid collaboration album that showcases the artistic chemistry between Quailz P and Lul Maxx. The seamless integration of their individual styles and the quality of production work make this project a standout in their discography. For readers interested in exploring the album, it is recommended to acquaint oneself with each artist individually before delving into the joint effort. This will help them appreciate the distinct sounds and vibes they bring to the table.

To embark on the musical journey of “Produced By McKean,” stream the album on all major platforms today. Stay connected with Quailz P and Lul Maxx on Instagram, respectively. For a taste of their visual artistry, check out the music video for “Too Cool” above and immerse yourself in the captivating collaboration between Quailz P, Lul Maxx, and McKean today.


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