Prahdaw’s “Ride Around” is Still a Classic

Prahdaw is a producer out of Orange County, CA, who released a song titled “Ride Around” in 2019. Even though there have been three years for the music to wash away, it still hits the same! He collaborated with Kiid Spyro on the track, and the two display how dynamic of a duo they are.

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Prahdaw makes some of the most brutal, aggressive trap beats based on his discography. He uses unordinary instrumentation to make said beats; they always come out so exciting and head-bangable. It’s evident he knows what he’s doing because any listener can dissect his music, pull out certain aspects, and understand why he decided them.

For example, in “Ride Around,” Prahdaw chose to put a unique effect on his piano melody; he cut the beat to make Kiid Spyro’s bars sound even harder; he used bass that overpowered the melody but not too much to the point where that’s all you’re able to hear, and so much more.

Listen to “Ride Around” below, and tap in with Prahdaw!


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