PeacefulPinder From Seattle Is Spreading Faith Through His Raps

With all the allure around the music industry and its worldly advantages, it can be hard for people in hip-hop to display their pride in their religion. PeacefulPinder is a young emcee from Seattle, Washington hoping to change the stigma on rappers spreading their faith. 

Growing up in Seattle, Washington, songwriter PeacefulPinder was exposed to the many nuances of modern urban life. His ability to observe and learn from the world around him led him to write and release his own works that serve as a soundtrack for his rugged upbringing. These songs, while leaning more toward the hip-hop genre than gospel, still carry a sense of faith and gratefulness. His newest track “Self Care” is a perfect example of his mix of memorable rap moments and a message of righteousness and positivity. Other notable releases include the Jay Critch assisted “Anarchy” and his 2020 album “Trapeaceartist”.

Listen to PeacefulPinder below and follow him on Instagram for updates!


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