Patrick Cc: Releases Experimental Discord Album “24”

Patrick Cc: is one of the newest tastemakers in underground hip-hop, has one of the fastest growing hip-hop Youtube channels, and an executive producer following his project “Launch Sequence” he put out earlier this year.

    A few weeks ago he announced he wanted to release another project but with one catch… It all had to be done in 24 hours and it all had to be brought together on his Discord server. Last night, he delivered “24”, an 8 track album featuring a few dozen upcoming producers, rappers, singers, and engineers all from his Discord server. Every artist on here deserves their credit so here’s the entire track list:

   Despite its short length at just 21 minutes, the album doesn’t struggle to make an impact at all. All 8 tracks have a distinct sound while still managing to flow together and put me on to several new artists and featured a few artists we’ve covered on LoadingMagazine already. 

My favorite tracks from the album have to be the intro “Trending Topic”, a spacey and upbeat track by Beku San & Tre$o, “Delightful” by Lil Uber & Zedsu, and “Make It out” by Lil Igloo with standout production from Fabient & Phillip Jackowski.

   Overall, there are no misses on this and it’s definitely worth a spin. I cant recall a project being put together like this before and the fact the quality is at such a high level, its honestly super impressive he and all the artists did it so fast. 8 great tracks and a bunch of new upcoming artists to check out. Its easy to say whatever Patrick Cc: was setting out to accomplish, he did. 

   Later this week, we have an exclusive interview on LoadingMagazine with Patrick Cc: about “24”, how it all came together, and his plans moving forward. So be on the lookout for that! 

   Did you already check out “24”? What did you think? Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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