Maryland’s Paperchasin’ Go Releases New Album “22”

So the Maryland Rapper Paperchasin’ Go is back again with even more heat than last time. Paper is a part of a smaller music group/management group called 1180. Not too long ago he dropped his fourth studio album “22” and that’s what we are here to talk about. This album has music for just about anyone, providing a mixture of sad songs all the way to some drill/trap songs. Some of the best tracks I would say are “Keep It Like This” and “Push Start” as they both go hard on the beat showing Paper’s lyrical talent. As Paper flexes on the beat and keeps the bars fresh and fire, you can tell he does it with little effort since it seems to come so naturally to him. It’s no sweat for Paper to come up with new music as he drops often and never lets his fans down. So will you check out this dope album? Tap in below!

Stream “22” Here:

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