Otto shine on new EP ‘Still Picture You’

Detroit synth pop band Otto have shared their debut EP ‘Still Picture You’. A sharply-crafted set of 5 songs featuring vibrant instrumentation and relatable, honest lyricism, the EP charmingly channels influences from classic 80’s pop, and adds a modern twist.

Opener and lead single “When I Really Saw You” begins the EP with infectious, energizing guitars blending smoothly with engaging synths. The intro then gives way to an atmospheric verse built upon airy synths and warm, subdued guitars. A powerful and catchy chorus follows, making “When I Really Saw You” a dynamic listen that immerses the listener in its vivid synth-pop sound. Next, “Good Fight” builds an addictive groove through expansive synths and silvery guitars, before “Stop Time” brings in a slight electronic influence with crisp, lively percussion and shimmering synths. Showcasing the band’s versatile songwriting, “Stop Time” demonstrates their ability to draw from a variety of genres. “If You Know” closes out the EP in a grand and sweeping fashion, with glowing synths and expansive guitars. As subtle percussion enters beneath, the song’s dream-like vocals captivate with their powerful melodies and evocative lyrics.

Otto says of the formation of the EP, “‘Still Picture You’ was written virtually, growing up over the airwaves in online songwriting sessions in the winter of 2020. The first time the band members were all in the same room at the same time wasn’t until March the next year, to record their project in Nashville, TN. The resulting collection of songs follows the creative evolution of the band’s personality and individual influences over the year they spent getting to know each other virtually”.

The latest from Detroit act Otto, ‘Still Picture You’ finds them reaching new creative heights across a set of 5 songs that put a refreshing twist on 80’s synth pop. Featuring candid and heartfelt lyrics atop groovy, rhythmic guitar riffs, and anthemic synths, the EP makes for an offering that is simply easy to continue re-visiting again and again.

Listen to ‘Still Picture You’ now:


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