OT Rad’s Latest Album, “AUTORAD”

OT Rad recently released his album, “AUTORAD.” He had been teasing this album for a while and finally released it last week. Fans waited as patiently as possible and had their expectations met on Jan. 24. For the past couple of weeks, listeners have listened to and returned to OT Rad’s latest album because of the pure greatness that can be found in it.

Listen to OT Rad’s “AUTORAD” above!

If a person in the underground wants to be successful, they must keep their fingers on the pulse of the most recent production waves. On top of that, they must provide the individual traits that make them stand out. OT Rad showed his versatility on every beat. He stepped up to the mic and didn’t falter, hence the confidence exuding from every track. For example, from track one to track two, the beats may be in the same lane but are entirely different. Even so, OT Rad puts on notable performances on both songs.

OT Rad is still relatively fresh into his career, but he’s starting to establish his aesthetic. He seems to go for racing-style clothing. He’s attempting to show people that he lives a fast life and that the competition will struggle to keep up with his pace. Below is a perfect example of his aesthetic.

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You can connect with OT Rad on Instagram above or here if you like what you’re hearing and seeing. Also, make sure you listen to OT Rad’s album “AUTORAD” by using the link here. Be on the lookout for OT Rad because he intends to be on your radar soon!


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