OriJinal Shotta Brings A Whole New Vibe In His Fire New Project “I Got Plays”

Introducing OriJinal Shotta! The independent artist has only been a few months in the industry but has impacted many throughout out his craft. In his recent release, “I Got Plays,” he solidifies his place in the music industry. He is one who takes pride in where he is from and is not afraid of speaking up for what he believes in. He recently dropped his newest project “I Got Plays” where you can hear the passion throughout the whole project. He really gave it his all and there is definitely more in the works! You can tap in with him and get to know him below!

Q: Why music? Describe your passion.

A: I use music to speak to those who are listening. I am a trap coach teaching others what it takes to get money and live a better life.  I come from a city that nobody really knows of and it’s a big deal for me to make it out of the city and represent those who live there. I’m a hustler at heart so I do whatever it will take to get me to the next level. I just wanna get to the money. 

Q: Any life changing stories/incidents that impacted your music career?

A: I just was offered the opportunity to make some extra money using my talent of being an artist. I’m just trying to get to the money and this is it. I’m from a city where my people are just trying to level up and make it out. I found a way to through my talents so I’m riding this wave until I get there and my goal is to teach everyone else how to do it for themselves. It’s all a play and I am coaching them to get to it.

Q: Do you dance/choreograph?

A: Hell nah but my Diamonds do. You see it.

Q: What are you most known for? What got you noticed?

A: My hustler mentality coming from a city that is already hard to break out of.

Q: What message do you want to leave the audience with when reading the article?

A: I am a trap coach. I am here to teach y’all how to get to the money and live the life you want. I got 3 plays that work and if you follow, you can get to it too. I’m trying to inspire those who are listening to follow my advice on how to really get to this money. My city doesn’t have many who get this opportunity. It’s one in a lifetime. So I’ll use this platform to help my people gain that hustler mentality to level up and advance themselves in Nebraska or anywhere else.

Q: In your opinion, what makes you stand out from other/current artists out there?

A: Where I come from. The situations I have been through. My story is to teach others through coaching so what I say is to help others gain that hustler mentality and inspire others to change their lifestyle.

Q: What is next for you?

A: Getting to the money.

Instagram: @orijinal_shotta 


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