Orange County Emcee Rakan Ayyoub has redefined “Management.”

The Orange County Californian emcee Rakan Ayyoub is breaking down “the walls of Jericho.” Carrying the responsibility of future generations of the music culture on his shoulders, Rakan embraces his role in this world through his actions as a man with divine faith in God. Rakan’s day starts at 3:00AM beginning his early mornings with devotional time with God. It is clear that Rakan Ayyoub made a clear and devoted decision to ensure he will not be outworked by anyone. Rakan Ayyoub is a full time artist, exotic car rental owner, student, and writer. Rakan spends his days traveling from Orange County to Los Angeles on a mission to set his career in full motion. With his new single “Rooted In Me” currently buzzing in the L.A. hip hop & Christian rap scene, Rakan Ayyoub is ready for the next step in his musical journey.

Although his talents flourished in music, Rakan Ayyoub got his start in sports and writing early. Rakan’s musical roots were inspired by artists like 2Pac, Nas, & Lil Wayne. These influences ultimately pushed him to begin writing and releasing music to the world. Currently, Rakan Ayyoub is a full time student at Cal State Fullerton and finds unconditional love for the university that pushed his overall life forward. It is the idea that Rakan continues to find creative ways to balance his time between rap, business, and his studies. His new single “Rooted In Me” reaffirms his focus and hunger for reaching the top 1% of the music industry. “Rooted In Me” serves as the first single from his debut project “Legacy”, slated to drop this December. Listeners worldwide continue to ponder just exactly how he manages all of it. Officially announced, the second single from Rakan Ayyoub’s project, “It’s God.” The single reflects on the humility Rakan chose to display despite receiving accolades and public recognition. Rakan Ayyoub chose to give God the glory in any given situation.

Listen to “Rooted In Me” on Spotify below and get ready for the “Legacy” project. 


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