Nuudini’s Fans are Going Wild over his Latest Album, “Seein Red”

Nuudini recently released his third project this year, “Seein Red.” It’s a 14-song album that totals just under a half-hour long, and every second is worth the listen. Leading up to “Seein Red”‘s release, fans of Nuudini were excited that they started taking action in their local towns, and rightfully so because they received an outstanding project.

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Fans of Nuudini could not contain their excitement for his latest project, “Seein Red,” so they decided to take the streets and spread the message. Fans spraypainted buildings and keyed cars to make people see red on October 7th. These actions are reminiscent of Playboi Carti’s “Whole Lotta Red” release, where fans were spraypainting billboards to spread the message. Nuudini fans had the same intention, and they got what they wanted.

The album perfectly combines striving to be mainstream and sticking with your underground roots. Nuudini’s beat selection is beyond belief. The listener can understand that he has a keen ear for the perfect sound. And with that, he adds his sauce and cadence. Too many artists nowadays are trying to be like their favorite MC, but “Seein Red” proves that Nuudini is himself. To stand out among the rest of the artists, rappers have to show that they’re individually significant, and Nuudini does just that and does it well on his latest album.

For example, my personal favorite of the album is “Bout Money.” Nuudini received the Jetsonmade cosign and earned himself one of the influential producer’s beats. It can be intimidating to have a beat from one of the current greats, but Nuudini stepped into the booth confidently and told people that he was bound for great things. If he keeps making tracks like the ones on “Seein Red,” he’s sure to blow up!

Listen to Nuudini’s latest album, “Seein Red,” below!


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