No Nonsense

No Nonsense Is Ka$hdami’s Best Work Yet!

I hate to repetitively post about the same artist but with Kashdami every new song is a new favorite. This is no different with his new song ‘No Nonsense’ which comes with a video to accompany.

No Nonsense is a chill song you could play almost anywhere. The instrumental really isn’t much just a very simple melody layered with some harder drums. Kash’s flow really fits and adds a layer to the track. I occasionally hear Kashdami songs and am slightly let down by the mixing of his vocals. No Nonsense is a perfect example of how great his songs can come together with a good mix. The song chorus is a great ending to the song, concluding with “Tryna play with DAMI, leave your ass up in the coffin”.

Like what happens often with music videos, the video ends up making the song itself so much more appealing. This video very much gives vibes of those fan edits you see on Instagram. A smooth video that flows perfectly with the song and quick editing to almost create a trance-like feel. Directed by Karlwithak, Karl took this style and ran with it. The video almost feels like it would go with a completely different style of song but it works so well here.

You may recognize the name Karlwithak from his work on the Yvngxchris ‘Bitch I’m Joe Biden‘ music video. I expect we’ll be seeing Karl a lot more over the next year.

What do you think?


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