Nicolas Nuvan Interviewed Travis Scott’s Mom and Didn’t Realize

While going around the country asking people various questions about music and posting the exchanges to TikTok, Nicolas Nuvan was showing the digital community what people are listening to in real life across the U.S.

It was during this tour that something extraordinary would happen. Nicolas was in New Orleans, and just like in any other city, he approached a couple random people to talk to them. He asked one older woman what is one of her favorite songs, and she surprisingly responded “‘Butterfly Effect’ by Travis Scott.”

Later, when the video was posted, a comment revealed quite the surprise.

As it would turn out, this was no ordinary Travis Scott fan, this was his mom. Nicolas Nuvan interviewed Travis’ Mom and had no idea.

Nicolas Nuvan has been doing this type of thing since his first shot at music-based TikToks almost a year ago, and has been making content for even longer. He’s been identifiable by his trademark “what song are you listening to” approach on TikTok, and in the time since, he’s elaborated upon his initial idea.


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