New Release: Lil Crank & 645AR – New Beginnings

Lil Crank and 645AR come together for a joint project titled “New Beginnings”. It’s produced by Sensei ATL and the production is next level. Lil Crank and 645AR waste no time and get straight to business on this project. It’s only a 5 song project but it’s just enough music to leave the project on repeat. Lil Crank and 645AR have a pretty cool vibe going on with their project. I look forward to hearing more from these two together in the future.


YaLLa the Melodica shines on sophomore single “Are You the One?”

Los Angeles up-and-comer YaLLa the Melodica has returned with a new single called “Are You the One?” Following up her debut release, the infectious 80’s pop-influenced “You Make Me Hot”, this offering finds her delivering sharply-crafted melodies atop warm, immersive production that fuses pop with R&B in a cohesive combination. “Are You the One?” opens […]

BAINS. shares infectious new single “Feel Awful”

Vancouver, Canada artist BAINS. has shared an engaging new song called “Feel Awful”. The second single from his upcoming album Punch Drunk, this self-produced track provides infectious instrumentation and relatable content that immerses the listener in its reflective mood. Warm, memorable guitars open the track and create a wistful, layered soundscape for BAINS.’ introspective verses. […]