New Music: Doeboi909 – ‘Trap Babies 2’ EP

Doeboi909 describes his latest album, Trap Babies 2, as a “compilation of successful rappers that real-life trap like myself.” The project features a wide range of features from the previously mentioned Frostydasnowmann, trouble kidd, and Swifty Blue, mad north, ralfy the plug, LIL SHOW, Trucarr, KiiNG KHASH, and Jose Guapo, Doeboi909 enlists some hitters to back him up as the rappers leave you wanting more, rapping about their street code, persona, and so much more. 

It’s definitely a project that sets the tone for what audiences can expect from him, and projects he creates in the future. The LA based artist fine-tunes his sound on this project, showcasing his skills in a way that audiences have not seen before. It’s clear that each project gets better and better, and this one is no exception.

With the release of his album, Trap Babies 2, Doeboi909 says he will be releasing some hot new singles soon. He is also planning on expanding his roster of collaborators and working with bigger artists. 

Check ‘Trap Babies 2’ out now, below.


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