Must Listen Of The Week: HXTRA – ‘Maravilla’ EP

Bronx, New York rapper Hxtra (@hxtra) has a sound that could take over the game. He greatly increased his stock in 2022, by dropping two singles, “Honest 2 U” and “Hoes Understand Me”. Even though his discography isn’t massive, in the few songs that he has dropped he has shown that he’s been running laps around lots of other artists. Aiming to reach a certain level of dominance, he recently released his new EP titled MARAVILLA.

This EP speaks about everything I’ve gone through in the last year, just talking about all my thoughts and experiences I’ve had.” – Hxtra on MARAVILLA

From start to finish, this 4-song offering packs a big punch. Even though Hxtra is based out of New York, he didn’t allow it to dictate how he should sound. On this EP, I could hear some influence from other legends all across the country and not just in New York. For example, on a track like “Stripper Snow Angel”, melodically, I could hear traces of Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake. But once he starts rapping as he did on the lead single, “Stripper Snow Angel”, he reminded me of Future as he was oozing with toxicity. All-in-all, I left this project feeling fulfilled, and it is something I would say is worth checking out for its originality.

Stream Maravilla below:


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