Music Video Spotlight: FollowJoJoe – “Big Steppa” ft. Hardini

FollowJoJoe is keeping the momentum going. He’s getting ready for a big 2022 and is prepared to dive into new waters going forward. In the meantime, Loading Magazine is highlighting one of FollowJoJoe’s best visuals “Big Steppa” with Hardini. The visual, directed by Nick Rodriguez and edited by Followjojoe is a classic. Check it out below and stay tuned with FollowJoJoe for more music news this year.

What is the future of FollowJoJoe? The San Diego sensation is continuing to establish a name for himself by working on new music and capitalizing on his previous success.

Despite the fact that San Diego rappers have always been eclipsed by Los Angeles and Bay Area rap artists due to their location on the West Coast, there has always been a music culture with great rappers from San Diego for over 30 years.

Despite the fact that San Diego is a varied city with Asians, Latinos, and African Americans, the urban community, which is largely concentrated in the Southeast and East San Diego regions, is rather tiny. Despite how many people want to be rappers these days, there has never been a major rap culture in San Diego due to its size. As a result, it’s easy to see why San Diego rappers have long remained in the shadows of larger West Coast hip hop marketplaces.

FollowJoJoe is one of San Diego’s most promising young rappers and is well on his way to the top. Stay up to date with him on Spotify.


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