Kidd Lucidd

Music Has Become A Huge Part Of KiDD LUCIDD’s Life

From writing poems as a kid to writing songs in the military during her service, KiDD LUCIDD has found home in music and is working to become a well-known artist from the Houston, Texas area.

For KiDD LUCIDD, music has been monumental for her. From learning it as a kid to using it to help her fight battles with depression, KiDD LUCIDD’s music has become a huge part of her life and her fans. With two singles out, KiDD LUCIDD continues to impress. Her sound captures a smooth, bouncy, soulful feeling. Each of her songs is perfect from beginning to end. As she’s been inspired her whole life through music, it’s no question why she’s been able to create and captivate the unique sound she has. Her musical influences stretch all across the industry but for her, she says she’s just making the music she hears in her head. Regardless of her workflow, her songs have been met with tons of love and appreciation from fans. With each release, her songs have seen incredible feedback from those who absolutely love the sound she’s creating. Be sure to remember her name, Kidd LUCIDD, as her sound, vibe, and goals are bigger than the room. We absolutely cannot wait to see what is next to come for KiDD LUCIDD and her music career as a whole. We have our fingers crossed to hear more music from KiDD LUCIDD in the upcoming summer months.

With more music on the way, we can’t wait to see what’s next for KiDD LUCIDD. We are very much looking forward to hearing more after what we just got a taste of from her two singles “Skirtt” and “Attached!”. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out KiDD LUCIDD and give her tracks a listen. With more music on the way, you can keep up with her on her personal Instagram page here, as well as listen to her most recent releases on her Spotify page here.


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