MiddMann Readies The World For His Endess Energy In ‘You Know The Vibes’ Visual

Broadcasting live from the streets, MiddMann’s muted bars and ultra-serious tone underscores his hunger to rise within the ranks of rappers in the city of L.A. in the video to his “You Know The Vibes” banger.

Split between a menacing and standoff-ish aura, “You Know The Vibes” is somewhat of a warning to young G’s before hopping off the porch to go explore in Los Angeles.

and the swagged out, lackadaisical and nuanced flows MiddMann provides, “You Know The Vibes” is an ear-worming bop that quickly burrows into the listener’s head and makes a home there.

Following the release of his Middle East EP earlier this year, MiddMann has floated through 2021 surrounded by the shroud of hype his singles such as “Feel The Hate” have created due to their popularity.

Watch the full video for “You Know The Vibes” below.


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