Meet The Multitalented Artist Trapsteve 

This week I got to tap in with the legend himself Trapsteve. We chopped it up about his musical journey, his multiple talents behind the mic & camera, as well as how he’s been able to build such a strong team & music scene in his city! I think Steve is going to be a household name one day, so get hip early…this is the Trapsteve interview! 

DS – Introduce the world to Trapsteve, where are you from & what do you do? 

TS – I come from a small town in Southern Indiana right next to a big city, Louisville, Ky where I currently live. I’ve never limited my dreams or reality, I’ve learned to express myself through music, directing and editing videos, and as of recent acting. I plan to take my talents across the world. 

DS – Where did the name Trapsteve come from? 

TS – When I was a senior in high school hanging out with some music friends taking photos I got the nickname “Uncle Steve”. Fast forward a few years when I started putting out music it was an alter ego I had with my homies and it eventually stuck as my main stage name. I almost went as “Zeke” 

DS – Besides music, I see you working behind the camera a lot for other artists? How’d you get into filming?

TS – I picked up a camera before I ever made a song, I was making “movies” when I was 10 years old on my dads home camera and learned how to edit from him. When I started making music I knew I needed to invest in a camera to enhance my brand and skills. I then started using it as a tool to help fund and further my music career. The camera has put me in rooms with people like Snoop Dogg, Jack Harlow, Haha Davis, and more. 

DS – I really see you creating a culture and music scene in your city. Any advice for someone just starting out? How does someone get tapped in? 

TS – Find a group of people you want to work with and reach out with genuine intentions. It may not always stick but you’ll eventually find your people. Then lock in with them to build a solid foundation. It doesn’t always matter about how many people as long as they the right people. 

DS – If you could play someone only one Trapsteve song, which one would you pick? 

TS – Bonnie & Clyde from my project “Sunflower City” it’s a fan favorite forsure. 

DS – Let’s talk about your newest project Pardon Me. What was the inspiration behind this body of work? And your favorite track off the project? 

TS – Pardon Me was a project I felt I had to release from an artist stand point to round out my catalog. I’ve dropped a few EPs in the past that were continuously experimenting with my sound and this was getting back to my roots of when I first started making music but evolved of course. The name “Pardon Me” is me telling the industry to make way, pardon me, I’m here to stay. 

DS – You just dropped the video for “CASAMIGOS”, what went into making this video come to life? And who usually directs all you music videos?

TS – My homie Nick Williams hit me up one day and said he had a fire burrito and a fire restaurant for us to film in. So we ordered a hot plate and made a movie. All of my music videos are self directed and edited, and I always have a few of my best friends to go thru to help bring it to life. 

DS – What’s the biggest challenge being an up-coming artist? 

TS – Funding and finding the right audience and then once you do, taking that to a larger scale that you envision yourself at. It’s easy to get discouraged but you really have to love it to do it as long as I have. 

DS – Any upcoming project or singles we should be on the lookout for? 

TS – Expect a few more videos from “Pardon Me” and I’ll have some new music near the top of the year! 


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