Meet Album Trading Cards: The Next Titans of the NFT World

Despite a lack of awareness in general popular culture, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have become a lucrative new opportunity with the most expensive token being sold at an astonishing $69 Million, according to KTNV Las Vegas. 

With the (NFT) craze hitting a critical mass, Album Trading Cards (ATC) has cemented itself as a company that’s ahead of the curve. 

“We’re shaping the collectibles culture of the future”, says Sanjay Chittipeddi, COO at AlbumTradingCards®. “But what we love the most is helping artists create an ecosystem around their brand”.

ATC’s recent collaboration with the Indian hip-hop artist, Akash Ahuja, was purchased for $102,000. Building on this recent success, the young company is planning major moves with some heavy hitters in the music industry including Maverick Management, Indify, and Aron Hodek who recently caught the eye of Justin Bieber.
Check out what the company has in store here!

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