Maasho’s Latest, “cardigan” Is One To Behold [EP]

Maasho is one of our favorite up-and-comers right now, and if you check his numbers you’ll realize we’re not alone.

cardigan is Maasho‘s latest drop; it’s an EP that is titled after the first single (and features a bonus track, “fashion killa,” which is easily one of his best). He flaunts all sorts of skill across the two tracks, especially his rhythm and lyricism. We’d recommend taking a listen (and look) if you are unfamiliar.

We’ve heard rumblings of an NFT in the works for Maasho (supposedly with a rapidly-growing digital brand known as Album Trading Cards). This particular drop is already enchanting on its own, but an NFT project is another crucial piece that has emerged in the battle of artist empowerment.

Maasho is up to big things, the proof is in his demonstrated action. Go find out what the hype is about below!

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