LV8R Introduces A New Side of Himself on “Love & Victory” EP

We’re witnessing LV8R in the midst of a creative renaissance. The undefinable multi-hyphenate holds an arsenal of styles and sonics in his designer belt, but his tune has changed recently. He traded his trap-tinged instrumentals and boastful lyrics for songs of lost love and unpredictable emotions. His latest effort comes in the form of Love & Victory, a four-song EP that appeared on the vocalist’s Youtube channel on Friday (July 1). Here, we are introduced to a more poetic and mature LV8R

Love & Victory sees LV8R at his most vulnerable. Gut-wrenching lyrics tell tales of depression and dealing with the emotional confusion that follows losing love. These emotions can send even the strongest person you know spiraling but LV8R uses them to fuel his best project to date. On the drum-and-bass style intro “Go!”, he croons over an up-tempo instrumental and expresses his confusion on the topics of heartbreak. 

All the ups and downs LV8R seems to be going through is motivating him to create fine art. While the artist is always switching between genres on his projects, the intense subject matter of Love & Victory creates a more focused effort. While songs like “Truth Fr33styl3” has the artists sticking to his usual sporadic flow changes, the rest of the project is more melodic and pop-centric. This brings the project a more full and consistent feeling and allows LV8R to bring his songwriting skills to life. 

Love & Victory marks a revolution in LV8R’s musical journey. His approach to songwriting on this EP proves that he is ushering in a new era in his career and the Charleston-breed artist is just getting started. He has always had a prolific release schedule, but LV8R promises there is more music to come very soon. 

For updates and early listening opportunities text “@lv8r” to 81010

Check out the Love & Victory EP below: 


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