Nights in the Kuntry, Carolina’s Soundtrack by Lo’ Kuntry

Lo’ Kuntry has been one of the most consistent artists in the Carolinas dropping 3 albums, an EP, 9 videos, and even directing a few videos for other artists.

Nights in the Kuntry, a 6 track project, Lo’ Kuntry aptly names each track after locations in the Low Country.

“Certain vibes you can’t get in the city. You gotta come down here and put ya feet in the grass, you know what I’m saying. From Hilton Head to North End. The track listing plays a part in it too.” Most folks in the weekend head to the city and in his words “The North End is where people come out for a weekend and get lit. With Abercorn St. being a hotspot, you can tell tracks 2 and 3, as well as the rest, align with the vibes of the area he is from and that’s what Lo’ was trying to illustrate.

Owning a visual production company, TBMM, Lo’ Kuntry is no stranger to high quality visuals, which is actually how I became a fan of Lo Kuntry. Rather than just releasing a simple, no little to no concept video, he created a workout regiment and DVD promo to tie in with his release and video.

Lo’ Kuntry checks almost every box that you look for in independent artists; creative videos, consistent content, and dedicated to to the idea of growing daily. He stated in his interview in regards to his visual company, TBMM Productions, ”That really tied apart into the artistry, because you have to have something to pay for it (the music) and that hobby pushed another passion.” Which I believe that every artist should find a skill to help pay for their music business.

Though the whole album is great, the standouts on the tape for me are The Gardens, Midway Circle, and North End and Abercorn St tying for the last spot. Don’t feel like me listing the album standouts is shorting the other tracks though, because the entire project has no skips, I just find myself returning to these multiple times a day.

Keep your eyes open for the next visual Lo’ Kuntry drops because based on the snippet previewed, you do not want to miss it.

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