Lil Muk Proves (Again) He’s One Of Philly’s Best

Contributor: Avi Cantor

As a Philly native, it seems only right that I put you on to one of the best kept secrets in the emerging Philly rap scene. Lil Muk’s strained, melodic flows make the listener feel the pain in his voice. Muk first started popping off in Philly with tracks like “Best For You” and “Wildin” which now combine for over 10 million views on Youtube.

The 19-year-old rapper’s new visual for his track “Fade Away” sees the rapper pouring his heart out into the mic explaining why his hard work has to pay off. 

With lyrics like “got some people I know depend on me I know that I can’t let em down” and “how the fuck they got’ understand where I came from when they got it good”, Muk paints a picture of his rough upbringing and how he was able to conquer these challenges through his successes in music.

Fade Away” is the lead single off of Muk’s debut project “About Time” which features fellow Philadelphia native YXNG K.A and none other than Lil Baby. The 9-track effort is full of motivational and uplifting songs as well as tragic tracks that pull at any listener’s heartstrings.


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