Lazy2Real goes “Crazy On The Block” in his New Music Video

Lazy2Real recently released his music video for his song “Crazy On The Block,” and he does just that. Overtop this ambient, space loup, Lazy2Real talks about and shows how he and his affiliates are not to be messed with.

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Lazy2Real is an artist out of Broward County, Florida, on the rise. Locally, he is well-known and has a wide network of people to get his sound around. But he’s starting to make his way out of that small scope and into a more national level.

He’s doing that with his music video for “Crazy On The Block.” The video has reached over 100,000 views on YouTube and is sure to soar even higher. The video features typical textbook features of crazy transitions, proof that he’s not rap-capping, having a group of people celebrate his success, and so much more. The video is a vibe and is well worth a watch. And what makes the video so much better is that it has an amazing to go with it.

See Lazy2Real’s music video for “Crazy On The Block” below!


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