Kilx Jxnes Should Be on Your Radar

From the early days of Pharrell, when Teddy Riley found him and Chad Hugo at a talent show, Virginia has represented a different flavor in Hip-Hop. Kilx Jxnes is an artist out of VA who’s representative of the sort of edge that the state brings to the table sonically. He’s confidently bringing a new sound to the DMV and beyond. On the heels of Kilx and Arkayde the Sage‘s impressive last project, ‘Dark Wizard,’ we had a chance to sit down with the rapper and talk more in depth.

LMG: What does your music-making routine look like?

KJ: I usually cycle through beats until I feel it, i usually know within the first 15 seconds of hearing a beat. Once I find the beat, I hum a bunch of melodies until I find one that fits. After that, I sit down and zone out and whatever scene I see in my head or daydream that’s what I’ll write in song.

LMG: If you could only listen to one project for the rest of your life what would it be?

KJ: That’s a hard one but Views by Drake.

LMG: What fashion brands do you like the most?

KJ: I’m usually wearing Tommy Vercetti, Billionaire Boys Club, or Vans.

LMG: Are there any non-music brands that inspire you?

KJ: I guess you could say Harry Potter with it being all throughout my brand and I’ll throw Marvel in there too.

LMG: What’s the most memorable moment in your career so far?

KJ: Definitely going to Cali for the first time. I performed and had a 24hr studio session in LA. That whole tour was fun.

LMG: What are your goals for 2022?

KJ: To release more music and grow my fan base even more!


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