Killomerta is Showing Great Promise

Killomerta is an artist out of Broward County, Florida, showing great promise in the underground. As many may know, Broward County is home to some of the 2016-17 SoundCloud era legends, and it is now cultivating a new age underground artist that is sure to shine.

He has a couple of singles and one self-titled EP to his name. Killomerta decided to remix songs on this EP so that listeners have a familiar, likable beat combined with an unfamiliar yet, unique voice that is Killomerta. For example, “Want Some Smoke” is a remix of KANKAN’s “Wokeup.” Killomerta’s vocalizations on this song make the beat sound much better. He opens the piece by using his voice as another instrument with the rhythm and then introduces his deep and creative cadence.

My favorite song is “Red Scene.” The beat by itself is insane, but with Killomerta’s vocals added, an 11/10 is created. Everyone’s voice is different, but Killomerta’s is incomparable. He has only been releasing music for a year, but he has a firm grasp on how to use his voice. Listeners can only imagine what his skill will be like in the next 2 years. Killomerta is a person to be on the lookout for. Start listening to him now so you can flex that you knew of him this early when he goes mainstream.

Listen to “KillOmerta” by Killomerta below!


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