Kill Che Just Linked With Tony Shhnow For A Wild EP, “The Bad Guy”

For those who know Kill Che, they’ve come to expect the unexpected. Yesterday, he just blessed us up with a brand new EP, The Bad Guy, with Tony Shhnow to reignite his Kill Che Exclusive series.

Che is a LA native with a knack for creativity and an ear for music (one of the best around, actually). He is most well-known for his work as a fine artist- a painter to be more specific. Over the course of years, he gradually cast his net widely throughout the underground rap scene (and beyond). So at this point, we’ve got a wildly talented painter, who happens to be best friends with your favorite rappers… and he’s the one putting all of this together?

The answer is yes. Kill Che is an entertainer at-heart, and his mediums are seemingly endless. From a dope cover, to a crazy selection of music, Kill Che Exclusives are looking like our new favorite music series on the internet. The Bad Guy brought together some majorly-talented producers for this drop: Captain Crunch, Grimm Doza, Nikoeast,  GeeohhS, CASHCACHE, and JOALBURT.

Tony Shhnow (who was just featured on Pitchfork earlier this month) is on a clear path to success. His musical flexibility allows him to get on a variety of cutting-edge and retro beats, which is just one of many reasons why we’re fucking with this drop so heavily. If you haven’t already, take a listen to The Bad Guy from Kill Che and Tony Shhnow. Tony snapped, Che snapped, and all producers involved snapped.

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