If you don’t already know Kidway then “WHATruDOING”?

FL artist Kidway is back with another visual, this time for WHATRUDOING which is off his new tape “Forever.” This song makes you feel like you’re floating, and existing on some other plane. His vocals glide like melting butter but also has a cold almost angelic feel to it. 

What you doing? What you doing?

I got something brewing

I been out in Cali with the plug like a Bruin 

Money on me everywhere I go. I get to it

lyrics to “Whatrudoing”

The video for “Whatrudoing” was a brilliant collaboration between @Winchoz and @ifstevie. I love a good snow video, this reminds me of Vit6l’s video for “Goin Up!” but with a more godly feel to it.

The song and video for Kidway “WHATruDOING” was very cinematic, and only used visual effects when needed. 

The video was actually shot on an iPhone by @lilbabygerb. The editing was a combined effort between @ifstevie and @winchoz. I asked Stevie what it was like collaborating with @winchoz and he said 

“Winchoz is fire 🔥, I’ve been wanting to work with him for a long time. He’s been working with Kidway for a long time so I guess being friends with Kidway I was in the right place, right time.

I asked @Winchoz what it was like collaborating with a whole team on the project and he was like:

“It’s always hella fun when me and Kidway link and make videos, we just kind of feed off eachothers energy. And to be honest, me and @IFstevie did our thing on the edit so it’s always a pleasure working with them boys.”

The song and video for “WHATruDoing” leave you feeling completely at peace. We need more of Kidway, he’s a fresh breath of air where other rappers in his genre may feel stagnant.


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