Kiddo Dust Gives Us 2 New Singles

What genius marketing from Kiddo and his team. A double single drop, on a double-digit day…11/11, someone’s wish was definitely answered. Impressive tactics indeed, but this release is Kiddo Dust’s best body of work to date. I think everything is starting to click for Mr. Dust. Each drop keeps getting stronger, and I think this young artist is really finding his lane. The first track from the double release drop, is titled “Anything at All”. It’s more of a pop-punk style track, with a very mellow and melodic vocal performance from Kiddo. I hate to have favorites…. but the second cut from this release titled “Twenty-Something” is a certified anthem. This is Kiddo Dust in his purest form, the perfect introduction track if you haven’t streamed Kiddo’s music before. The beat, the vocals, it all just blends together to produce this beautiful song. It kind of gave me American Rejects vibes/inspiration, you’ll have to check out Kiddo Dust’s newest release linked below to see if you agree with me!


607 Unc “From Rising Star to Alleged Sacrifice: The Unsettling Tale of 607 Unc Sacrificing his son and Escaping the Illuminati”

Once upon a time in Missouri, there was a rising star in the local Hip Hop scene named 607 Unc. Known for his catchy beats and clever lyrics, he had captured the hearts of fans all across the state. But little did they know, 607 Unc had a dark secret lurking in the shadows. One fateful day, during […]

T-Hood & NayG Ball Too Hard In New Single “Spent Too Much”

Fresh off the Show Ya Grill Tour with Scotty ATL, Georgia rap authority T-Hood lends a verse to Richmond producer/engineer NayG on their “We Did It” follow-up “Spent Too Much.” The collaboration finds One Dread detailing his lavish lifestyle effortlessly over the VA native’s hard-hitting instrumentation. When asked about his thought process when creating the […]