Kendall Amon Throws a “Pity Party” in her New Music Video

Kendall Amon is a rising pop star who has recently released a music video for her song “Pity Party.” She takes the listener through her thought process as she recovers from yet another failed relationship. But, instead of pinning the blame on someone else, she looks inward and realizes that she may be the actual problem in this heartfelt, fantastic track.

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Amon has been involved in music since she was seven years old. From that young age, she has had a talent for music creation. Whether it was piano, producing, or songwriting, Amon could do it well. She has now had a handful of her songs featured in 10 Truths About Love’s soundtrack. She creates music centered around the trials and tribulations of love, so naturally, she was the perfect fit for the movie.

Now, in her music video for “Pity Party,” Amon has an “aha” moment. She explained that after one of her breakups, she searched for the different events that could have led to the breaking point.

I came to the conclusion that I am the common denominator of all my failed relationships, therefore I might actually be the problem. This song is about all the ways we self sabotage in life. It’s a look at all of the raw, messy, ragged, somewhat ugly parts that make you a whole person.

She hopes to shed light on the fact that we are all imperfect beings. If someone went through the same thing, maybe they were the reason why a relationship ended. Amon wants her audience to take a moment and pick out something they could improve on as lovers. She plans on striving to be the best version of herself possible, hoping to inspire others to do the same. And once that’s over, have a little pity party because Amon believes it’s okay not to be okay.

Watch Kendall Amon’s music video for “Pity Party” below!


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