Kayebands Shows Off With “Benz Truck” Visual

In his new song “Benz Truck,” Bay Area rapper Kayebands gets fired up. This tune, featuring Avenue Swift, is the perfect kick-off for 2022, inspired by a fast-paced lifestyle and G63s. The idea is brought to life in the accompanying music video, which has mansion vistas, ladies in their arms, and, of course, Mercedes Benz vehicles on full show. As Kayebands prepares for the release of his new 12-track album later this year, he hopes to keep the momentum going with “Benz Truck” by utilizing it as a motivator for people who listen.

Kayebands is a talented musician with a unique sound. Within his catchy tunes and head-bobbing lines, the rapper’s smooth flow and witty wordplay are addictive. Kayebands’ background in music engineering allowed him to incorporate good energy throughout the whole creation of his music, dispersing high frequencies throughout each piece.

With J Dilla, Mf Doom, D-Savage, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hustle, Lucki, and RBL Posse as some of his influences, there’s no doubt Kayebands is learning from his heroes and carving out his own path in the rap industry.

When it comes to accomplishments that he’s proud of, Kayebands says that he has a lot to be happy about — highlighting his team as being one of the main things he’s proud he has.

“As of currently, my highlights as an artist is creating a dedicated team that believes in my craft and pushes me to be creative,” he says. Having a dedicated group of individuals that can backup my work and push it is a blessing. Having a reliable videographer on demand rolling around with me like paparazzi is a key to keeping my content up to date for the followers.”

As far as the response that he’s been getting to “Benz Truck,” Kayebands says that it’s been well-recieved. He wants audiences to take away the important message of:

“Believe in yourself! Do not believe in everything you hear and do your own due diligence on the information you are being fed. If you apply effort and consistency into your craft it will reward you.”

Watch the “Benz Truck” visual, directed by Digital Avnue, below.


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