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Reviving the Essence of R&B and Hip-Hop: Kai Ca$h’s Latest Video “Round & Round” featuring Capella Grey

New York City has long been known for its thriving hip-hop and R&B scenes. The city has birthed some of the most iconic musicians in these genres, from The Notorious B.I.G. to Mary J. Blige. However, in recent years, some have argued that the city has lost its way when it comes to creating timeless music in these genres. Kai Ca$h, a rising star in the NYC music scene, is on a mission to change that with his latest single.

Ca$h’s 2022 fall hit single “Can We Talk” featuring Devvon Terrell was a breath of fresh air in a music landscape that has become saturated with trap beats and autotune. The track boasted smooth R&B vocals and a sultry vibe that was reminiscent of classic ’90s tracks. Now, Ca$h is back with another banger that aims to revive the sexy and feel-good aura in NYC and bring back that good ole feeling of Hip-Hop and R&B records.

The new single features the gifted singer-songwriter Cappella Grey, whose undeniable vocals add another layer of soul to the track. The song was produced by multi-platinum producer Dizzy Banko, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, from Pop Smoke to Fivio Foreign. With such a talented team behind him, it’s no surprise that Ca$h’s latest release is another hit. So enough with the words, let me put y’all onto “Round & Round” by New York Cities’ finest, featuring Capella Grey.

In a press release, Ca$h explained the message behind the collaboration “The thought of Round & Round came to me one night while listening to the original song produced by Hi-Tek. I hit Dizz up and got in the lab to put it together asap! I wanted to keep the ball rolling on this Hip-Hop and R&B vibe I have going since releasing “Can We Talk” with Devvon Terrell. Now teaming up with Capella Grey to bring that feel-good vibe back to the forefront. I’m about to take over on some real smooth shit but my intent is to make (Hip-Hop) music feel good again” He believes that there is a hunger for this type of music and that he can fill that void. By teaming up with Grey and Banko, he hopes to create a track that will become a staple in the NYC music scene and beyond.

Ca$h’s music is a testament to the fact that there is still a place for classic R&B and Hip-Hop in today’s music landscape. His commitment to reviving these genres and bringing back that “good ole feeling” is commendable, and exactly what the industry has needed for the last few years but has overlooked entirely. As fans eagerly await the release of his next single, there is no doubt that it will be a hit and a step towards bringing back the golden age of NYC music. Go rock with my boy Kai Ca$h he is without a doubt one of the hardest artists in the game rn. Thanks for reading!

Watch “Round & Round” Here:


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