JASMINEGOLD shine on debut full-length project, ‘Serpent’

North Florida alternative hip-hop duo JASMINEGOLD have shared their debut LP, titled Serpent. Containing immersive, colorful production and versatile, deft rhyming, Serpent is an engaging project that flirts with a variety of intriguing, often experimental styles. Consisting of 19 year-old artists David Nights and KJ showcase their diverse range of talents on the album, with the pair solely responsible for the project’s production, mixing and mastering.

Across the album’s 13 tracks, the group switches between dynamic soundscapes with ease. While the album opens on a smooth note with “Modern Love Story”‘s, it builds into glitchier, “wall of sound” aesthetics with tracks like “Broadcast” and “Contraband.” They also showcase an ability to craft slower, laid-back cuts that you can cruise or relax in the summer to, such as the glowing sonics of “Joyride” or the airy atmospherics of “Escapism.” Keeping the listener on their toes throughout with a truly diverse set of tracks that sound like few other releases today, Serpent is an evocative alternative hip-hop offering that immerses the listener in lush production and vibrant songwriting.

Speaking further on Serpent, JASMINEGOLD say, “This album sounds like JASMINEGOLD. We don’t like
being complacent, and this is the groundwork for that. We want to sound like nothing you’ve heard before and innovate.”

Listen to Serpent here:

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