ILY Truly links with Ne-Yo for “Baby I”

   Making his LoadingMagazine debut with his new single “Baby I (feat. Ne-Yo)”, Kenosha, Wisconsin’s very own ILY Truly is here with a smash R&B/Hip-Hop record for the summer. The track is a call back to “It Never Rains” by Tony! Toni! Tone! and it’s easy to say Truly and the R&B legend do the track justice. 

   The record was produced by Chuck Plat, Music Mystro, and his partner J-Track. The song starts off with a smooth piano melody and kicks off with some upbeat drums. Ne-Yo instantly sets the tone for the track and is a pleasant reminder of just how good he is at hooks. That isn’t to say ILY Truly doesn’t make an impact with his verses, Once he finds his pocket his verse is easily the smoothest part of the song and that’s something to say. To make such an impact on a track with an R&B artist like Ne-Yo it shows just how great Truly’s performance is. This track was worked on for the better part of a year and it really shows. 

    ILY Truly is a super unique artist and he’s certainly making moves as “Baby I” is one of the most streamed tracks on LÜM, a new streaming service for independent artists. “Baby, I” isnt only track where he shines, a personal favorite of mine is his track “Sound of Music (Blast Forever)”, produced by Josiah Tha Prince on Truly’s Death Rose Records label. These two songs show how diverse he is and they’re definitely gonna be on repeat here at Loading. 

   Did you check out “Baby I”? Are you hip to ILY Truly yet? Check it out below and let us know!

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