Illusion Hills Keeps Hot Streak Alive with “chasm” Featuring Aldrch

Everyone’s favorite group of youths is back with another energetic collaboration. Coming off the release of their single “genesis” featuring the multi-faceted Buppy (stylized as Buppy.), Illusion Hills unleashes “chasm” with help from aldrch. This latest single is packed with manifestations and raw excitement.

The single boasts glitter-Esque lyrics that contrast the distortion and aggression of the instrumental. “Chasm” has an almost Punk Rock energy to it, a change for Illusion Hills but not an unwelcomed one. The group’s chemistry allows them to shape their sound in order to match whichever emotion they may be expressing in that moment.  

The emotions expressed in their latest offering are those of acceptance, a welcoming of change, and progression. Behind the wailing guitar and their high-octane deliveries, Illusion Hills crafts poetic stories of moving on. The hook is delivered with gusto by members Jayastro and warp mj and tells the tale of a hurt soul reconciling with themselves and moving past any regrets. Featured artist aldrch comes in with an assist on the outro, a whimsical harmony with warp mj and Jayastro that wraps up this voyage of emotions. 

Everyone has regrets and everyone’s approach to moving on is different. Illusion Hills approaches the idea of progression with the ultimate confidence to accept their past and look ahead towards their seemingly bright future.

Stream “chasm” below:


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