illkira is Back with Another Melodic Vibe on Newly Released Single ‘Get You’

illkira is a quickly rising artist born in Tarzana, California but now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up, illkira was labeled the “quiet kid” because he spent most of his time alone and away from other kids. Feeling unheard and unseen, illkira knew that music gave him something he didn’t have before: a voice. After learning to play the flute, before dabbling in the complexities of singing, music became his outlet of expression. He quickly started learning the technicalities of making music and in March of 2020, started releasing singles that would garner the attention of his now 17k+ monthly Spotify listeners, all independently.

Knowing that true longevity and growth stems from collaboration, illkira has worked with numerous artists by the names of KillBunk, 637godwin, 916frosty, Memoria XI, sgpwes and producers Synthetic, Jean Parker, Glokmane, Daks, & Dan Macari to name a few. “A big thing for me is that when I’m collaborating with other musicians, we need to be friends first. I’m not the biggest fan of working with strangers” says illkira on his process of working with other artists. Catching the eye of notable blogs Promoting Sounds, Sauce Only, & Masked Mortal’s Spotify playlists, it’s clear illkira’s talent is gaining the attention of reputable sources and fans in the music industry. 

On a mission to “create music that aims to get people out of bed, through a workout, through their shift,” illkira says he wants his music to be a healing power, to “help people feel like they’re pretty and like they’re the shit.” His new single ‘Get You’ does exactly that. It’s an intoxicating 2-minute song over a slow-tempo beat mixed with stretched vocals and soft melodies telling the story of his adoration for a significant other who has caught his full attention. ‘Get You’ is the perfect single to showcase illkira’s vocal range and versatility, setting the tone for his upcoming album ‘The Product’ set to drop this Summer. 

Stream ‘Get You’ out now across all streaming platforms!


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