IamProS Kicks Off The Summer With Hit New EP “Prontò”

IamProS is a 22-year-old rising artist out of Detroit, Michigan.  He started making beats about five years ago and started rapping a year and a half ago.  Since then, the musician has really focused on carving his own lane and sound.  He’s been consistently putting in the work for years, and it’s finally about to start really paying off!

The artist stands out from the competition by combining his Detroit style with a mix of classic R&B and modern rap.  IamProS recently followed up with his latest hit EP“Prontò”!  The calming, fun string beat excites listeners as the rapper demonstrates his musical vocabulary.  This project should definitely be in your playlist this summer if you’re looking for tropical vibes. 

Go listen to “Prontò” by IamProS below on YouTube!

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