Hurricane Clark Releases New Song 1AM

Hurricane Clark brings back his melodic sound to showcase a light heartfelt song in “1AM”.

Clark really delivers with 1AM, a song that went straight to my playlist. The chorous is pretty hard but I actually think the verse is the strong part of the song. This is where we get to see Clark’s flow come into play, especially in the second half it really sticks with you.

Clark has been putting out for a while now, with instant classics like Valid. One of his songs even reached 150k views on youtube, It’s just a matter of time before Clark gets his moment. Loading magazine’s Bryce Perala has also made videos for Clark. Though, my personal faviourte songs of his are PARTY IN DA U.S.A (with a Miley Cyrus sample) and Are U Ok.

Producers Jean Parker and Voyce create a chill, emotinal guitar insturmental that acompines Clark’s flow well. Jean Parker has been a producer i’ve been following for awhile now. His type beats on youtube have been pulling in the views and he now sits at 12k subscribers.

What do you think?


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