Hella High With Heath

Mississippi Heat

In 1936 famous blues musician, Robert Johnson, marked Mississippi as a staple in music history. Mississippi is said to be the state where Johnson made a deal at the crossroads to become a musician. Shortly after making this deal, Robert Johnson became one of the greatest Blues artist ever to live. The influence from this state ranges on every genre spectrum and continues to play a pivotal role in today’s current sound. Along with the prevalent influence, Mississippi hosts 22 year old artist, “HIGHIMHEATH.” His recent song/video, “Fast Money Rehab,” caught my attention. Really this is the type of song you hear at a party and would be perfect in a live performance. Heath brings heavy energy with a hard visual – (Shot+Directed by Atlanta creative director, Always Aden.)

Underground Background

[When did you start making music?]

A couple years ago, just started to take it serious this past year though

[What sparked your inspiration to create music?]

I saw a KISS concert when I was young and knew I wanted to do music ever since

[In an oversaturated field like the music business, what makes you stand out from the rest?]

I feel like that’s for the fans to decide, i just want to create the best art for the people to consume

[Do you feel like the locals in your town are your biggest supporters?]

Mississippi doesn’t have the biggest music scene but people that are in tune definitely show love, but I think the internet has shown the most support

[What are some of the cons you have experienced being an independent artist?]

The only con i would say is budget. Everything else about being independent is fun. I get to have full creative control

[What are some things you wish to improve on? (music related or personal)]

Staying consistent and having time for my family

[Your newest video, “Fast Money Rehab”, what led to the making of this song? Were you just vibing in the studio looking for a song to make or was it one of those “I have something to get off my chest right now” type of tracks?]

Me and the homies was just chilling in the studio and my bro sent me over some Rision tracks and the first beat i played was “Fast Money Rehab” and i just said the first thing that came to mind

[Do you prefer writing or punching in ?]

I don’t have a preference it’s just how I’m feeling that day

[Who are some artists / producers who give you inspiration and who do you hope to work with one day?]

I’ve always wanted to work with Uzi, but as far as inspiration I love listening to old rock songs. It makes me think outside the box next time I’m trying to record

[What are your favorite things to do outside of music?]

When I’m not in the studio, I’m probably playing Sea of Thieves


I love all styles of music. With Heath’s creative flow and representation as an artist, I can say he is well deserving of a spot in anyone’s rotation. Watch the Fast Money Rehab video below!


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