“Having Some 2 Say” is a Trap Anthem

Trap has been evolving ever since its beginnings. As a result, artists have had to put their spin on the genre to stand out from the competition. TreyTwoTimes does just that on his album “Having Some 2 Say.”

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TreyTwoTimes delivers textbook performances on each track on “Having Some 2 Say.” One of the most notable songs is “Best Revenge.” The lyrics on the song are standard for any trap song, but Trey’s delivery is excellent. If you’re a person who lives a lifestyle like Trey’s, you should be calm with what you talk about. He delivers every bar efficiently, and instead of rap-capping and flexing his lifestyle, he tells his audience how it is. You can tell by his voice that he means every word he says.

Another part about making trap music has swag. TreyTwoTimes lives the lifestyle he talks about, so why should he inflate it? His being nonchalant brings out this cool aura that lets his audience gravitate toward his music. So, not only is every song hard, but the listener also gets to appreciate Trey as a person and see how cool he is on his album “Having Some 2 Say.”

Listen to TreyTwoTimes’s “Having Some 2 Say” below!

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