Guapo Lennon and Wiz Khalifa’s “Be Adore” Is A Fan Favorite

Who doesn’t love Pittsburgh rap? After all, the Pennsylvania city has been a hub for timeless Hip-Hop talents. Today, we got blessed up with a brand new heater from two Pittsburgh powerhouses: Guapo Lennon and Wiz Khalifa.

This particular drop is easily one of our favorites this month, and this year. While Wiz Khalifa remains in top musical form, Guapo has continued to improve his catalog and skillset, which altogether made this a drop that’s unforgettable – especially if you fancy yourself a fan of Pittsburgh rap (which we here at Loading definitely do). Released with Black Wall Street USA, an EMPIRE imprint based in ATL, this drop seems to have everything from impressive music to super clean visuals. Keep an eye out for Guapo Lennon, and take a listen to his brand new single with Wiz Khalifa in the link below!


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Kg Prince is Gearing Up to Drop a Hit

Kg Prince’s “could never Z me” drops tomorrow. It’s one of his most highly anticipated songs. I got the chance to listen to the song early, and when I say this song is a hit, I genuinely mean it. Kg Prince and J Truth deliver a high-energy, chief keef sounding, aggressive, menacing, distorted bass song […]