GoJuney Makes It Hard For His Barber In “Walk Down” Video

GoJuney is making sure he shows the world he has what it takes. GoJuney has a unique vocal tone that will catch your ear. Honestly, he has the potential to make some noise. It’s all about how he markets himself. GoJuney jumps back on the scene with a new visual titled “Walk Down”. I can’t lie, he’s making it hard for his barber to cut his hair. Overall the video and song all create a vibe.


NR Boor Unleashes Gripping Visuals for “Wolves,” an Anthem of Triumph and Ambition

Philadelphia’s rap scene has been set on fire with the release of NR Boor’s mesmerizing music video for his latest single, “Wolves.” As an artist who unapologetically details his journey from the streets to success, NR Boor’s raspy flow and captivating lyrics take listeners on a visceral ride through his endless pursuit of financial prosperity […]

Rapper MilesPerHour - "Fix It" | Loading Magazine

From Parking Lots to Stardom: MilesPerHour’s “Fix It” Video Sets the Stage for a Texas Rap Revolution

South Texas rapper MilesPerHour has once again captivated his growing fanbase with the release of his latest music video for the single “Fix It.” Directed by the acclaimed ES Filmz, the visuals provide a window into Miles’ world as he effortlessly delivers his verses over a laid-back beat produced by Mane Mikey. With his unique […]

Vice Blow for Loading Magazine

“Bussing Out The Bag”: Vice Blow’s Electrifying New Release Takes Maryland by Storm

Maryland’s rap scene is once again set ablaze as Vice Blow, a rising star, makes a triumphant comeback with his latest single, “Bussing Out The Bag.” The music video, skillfully directed by the esteemed 95Production, features Vice Blow and his crew showcasing their wealth in a Porsche, while the rapper passionately delivers his verses, offering […]

Kai Ca$h for Loading Magazine | "Rather Be" Music Video

Brooklyn Rapper Kai Ca$h Drops Compelling New Single “Rather Be” Showcasing Authenticity and Hustle

In a testament to his unwavering dedication and lyrical prowess, Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist Kai Ca$h has resurfaced on the music scene with his latest release, a captivating single titled “Rather Be.” Accompanied by an aesthetically pleasing music video, expertly directed by the talented @OnlyDopeMedia, Kai Ca$h takes viewers on a cinematic journey through the bustling […]