Get Familiar With Rileylol

Last week I got familiar with up-coming artist rileylol. We chopped it up about his collaborations with midwxst, his transition from “sadoutwest” to “rileylol”, next releases, and more! Riley is a true talent, that I think is going to take 2023 by storm. So get familiar, read this whole interview, then go stream some rileylol tracks! He recently just dropped a single titled “bad intentions” on all DSP’s, which will be linked below.

DS – Where are you from? 

RL – Los Angeles! This is usually my default answer only because people are more familiar with it than where i currently reside in ventura county! >:)

DS – Where did the name rileylol come from? Why did you decide to ditch “sadoutwest” as your artist name? 

RL – There’s a few reasons why but honestly i just thought it was cringy LOL. I had wanted to rebrand for a while and last year was very life changing for me in all aspects. I had started interning at studios in LA, break up with long-term gf, lost over 50lbs, got a lot better at making music and finally had a new + positive outlook on life. I wanted to get rid of this sad persona and introduce everyone to the new and improved riley! 

DS – I noticed under your old Spotify page for sadoutwest, that you have a lot of songs with midwxst. How did you end up linking with him for a few songs? 

RL – Hahah i love eddd, back in 2019 i was making connections with lots of peoples from the scene (shoutout chach and eric) and one of them was Edgar!! He had commented on one of my IG posts and i thought it was cool we had similar name ahah, so I DM’d him!

DS – What sets your music apart from others in the underground? 

RL – I think its a toss up between how raw and personal my music and the fact that I’m not that good! I wasnt born naturally gifted at music, its rlly something ive gotten better at over time and am finally at a point where im really proud/happy with it. I’ve always been unapologetically myself whether it be through social media or in my songs, so i like to believe my supporters have seen the progression, consistency, and authenticity year after year as i continue to evolve. 

DS – How would you describe your sound? 

RL – I would describe my sound as new age alt/indie pop influenced by pluggnb. Heavily inspired by my own personal experiences with life, love and pop culture! (I usually joke though and describe my music as me “whining into a mic” LOL.) 

DS – Favorite song you’ve released so far? 

RL – Hmmm I would say Same Page or the first song i have public on my accounts, Wings. Most of my music is about dumb situationships ive been in the last couple years lmao but those ones mean most to me. 

DS – Dream collabs? 

RL – SOO many but off top Carl Wheezer, Coldhart, Hayley Williams, P!nk, Eden, Shinigami, Clairo, Koi, Rip Eternal. 

DS – Any upcoming projects or singles we should be on the lookout for? 

RL – I have two more singles coming out this year with super cool visuals and going even harder next year with several drops already planned so just keep an eye out for everything rileylol and tap in with me on my socials! >:)


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