Get Familiar With Las Vegas Artist Playsome Jayy & His Joyous New Video For, “2Excited”

Over the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic brought forth a turbulent time that resulted in experiences that changed many lives forever. For artists, the scope was no different, as some have withered away during this time, while others, utilized the down time to come back better than ever. Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, rising rapper Playsome Jayy falls firmly in the latter. Having already built a solid fanbase through singles like, “Throwin’,” and, “Broke My Heart,” Jayy returns to the forefront with his festive new video for, “2Excited.”

Typically known for his ability to produce polarizing music videos, “2Excited,” is no different for Jayy. Directed by Chakarra, the video does a brilliant job of keeping that notion alive. Utilizing every single second of camera time, he exudes charisma the whole way as they juxtapose shots of him hanging out the sun roof on the Vegas Strip, with shots of him hosting a fun pool party in a luxurious looking backyard, solidifying most of his claims throughout the boastful record. Produced by fellow notable Vegas artist, Asaiah Ziv, the record is an engaging, straight forward single that finds Jayy doing what he does best. Showcasing elastic flows that allow him to jump in and out of different pockets, he takes advantage of the tailor made production by staying in his lane and rhyming about familiar topics in a more engaging way than others might opt to.

In all, “2Excited,” serves as a wonderful first single of the year for Playsome Jayy. Be sure to check out the video below and keep an eye out for new releases from the Vegas native.


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