shot by @mikeybanks_

Pi-ZZO P is creeping into my top 5 favorite drill rappers right now. The way he just goes and goes over dreamy beats is something special. I’d compare his style to his long time associate Shawny Bin Laden. Lyrically he’s a demon. In his new song “Fight Night” he talks about what it’s like being a hustler in NY. 

Your b*tch on my body she just trying to leech 

I aint tryna compete 

my flow so different feel I’m deceased

made me a bag in the east 

Flew right out to cali gotta go grab me them P’s

Made me that work , the hustle chose me 

Trapping all night , had to collect me that green

The video for “Fight Night” (filmed by @mikeybanks_) is smooth, and just like in Pi-ZZO P’s lyrics, he shows what it’s like hustling where he’s from. You can see him smoking a backwood, and vibing outside the bodega. There are shots of him steppin’ next to the midnight blue coupe. When he’s not hustling in the streets of NY he stays in the studio, breaking down beats like a bag of Runtz. 

More heat is coming from Pizzo-P, he’s got multiple tapes out and he’s got videographers lining up to work with him. Stay tuned, because Loading Magazine is going to be watching and waiting to cover the next one. 


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